Wednesday, January 29, 2014

90's Party Style

Last Saturday I attended a 90's party.  I have to admit, after attending a 50's and a 70's party I was a little more challenged for this theme.  My choices came down to either a TLC group member, Aaliyah or Janet Jackson.   I had everything needed to recreate Janet Jackson from her Rhythm Nation Era, so that's who I dressed up as.  I also won top prize in the costume contest! 

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  1. You nailed the look hun.I so badly want to attend a 90's themed many outfit ideas in my head.

  2. Love your look. Seems like a fun party! Janet in the 90's was everything.


  3. LOL! I Girl! I lived for Janet Jackson! I used to put my house key on my earring! You did that!


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