Thursday, December 26, 2013

Budget Decorating Ideas

When I think budget decor, I think Ikea.  After perusing their "new" section, I came across a few items that could be used in a non traditional way for home decorating.

Use this large basket to decorate and dress up large potted plants.

These large print fabrics can be framed as large scale art.  Loved these two:

This towel rack stand can easily be used to display and store necklaces, ties or scarves.
I think this cart would make a nice bar cart for a small space, and the price just can't be beat compared to how expensive bar carts can be.  It also comes in silver and red!

This polka dot room divider would make a cool headboard.
For more inspiration in home decorating, check out my Pinterest page for Home Decor Ideas.

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  1. The botanical prints are pretty cool...must visit IKEA soon!

  2. Ikea si a must flor chic and cheap deco,

  3. Love the first basket...I love home decor. :)



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