Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Home - Kitchen

My kitchen area is very efficient and has everything I need within reach.
Instead of cramming so many items in the cabinets, I purchased these two shelves from Home Depot ($19 each) to free up space throughout the entire kitchen.
Bowl Set (Target), Placemats/Coasters (Ikea), TicTacToe Set/"Recycle Bin" (Homegoods)
Octagon/White Plate/Straw Holder (CB2), Hour glass/Green Bottle/Green Towels (Homegoods), Basket (Pier 1) 
Hanging mobile from CB2.
Tea cups purchased in Japan.
You guys already know I'm obsessed with vinyl wall decals.  They are great for rental apartments since they are easy to remove and won't damage the walls.
I love the amount of counter space I have to prep food and cook.
Storage containers are from Ikea.
Shot glass collection from travels and gifted.


  1. a very tiday kitchen and that's quite a shot glass collection too. So pretty, those teacups from Japan;-)

  2. very cool kitchen, and i love ikea too! such simple stuff, but always so perfect when you need it. i have a vinyl wall chandelier, black, on my living room wall, i love it!

  3. Thanks for the tour! I am such a voyeur, I love peaking in peoples kitchens...
    I am also such a consumer, I am headed to Home Depot for those shelves.

  4. Your just inspired me! Love those quotes on the wall! So awesome!
    Im going to get some little quotes myself!
    Always nice to see!
    Awesome kitchen!

  5. love the kitchen ps who drew that picture cos definitely looks like You

    1. My artist friend did the portrait of me. I think it's time for a new one though since my hair has grown.

  6. So quaint! Love it, especially the writing on the fridge

  7. loving all the shot glasses :)

  8. OK, you already know I'm totally diggin' the CHALK BOARD!!!! Very Well Organized Kitchen...

  9. we love those special kitchen - with a little bit of diy flair!
    You really did a good job <3

    xx the cookies

  10. Love your kitchen it's full of personality and has so many lovely details.

  11. Thanks everyone, glad you like what I've done.

  12. I always wish I could just come and shop your home decor. "Wine is bottled poetry." Love that!

  13. Love the quotes in your kitchen!

    - Hope, you'll stop by :)

  14. my favorite part is the chalk board!


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