Monday, March 12, 2012

Designer Discount

Since the closing of my beloved Filene's Basement store, I've been feeling the void.  No other store for me had everything I needed in one stop.  This floppy hat was one of my very last purchases before closing. 
But lately I have been quite pleased with Nordstrom Rack.  I like their designer shoe selection and I recently purchased this blouse and this one for about $10 each on clearance.  If I can keep finding great deals there, it may just feel the void for me.

Floppy Hat - Filene's Basement
Wrap Skirt - Marshall's
Blouse - Nordstrom Rack
Shoes - Ross
Belt - Kohl's


  1. Sing, I love this look! The print of the blouse and the hat are right! I miss Filene's basement too.


  2. cute! i love the display of hats in the background too! we had a filene's and i never had a chance to shop there :-/


  3. I loveeeeee the blouse and no one can rock a hat like you!! I have a floppy hat I've had over a year and still haven't found the nerve to rock it!! loll

  4. The floral detail and the color on that blouse are beautiful. I love Nordstrom rack (online) also.


  5. The loss of a favorite store can be traumatic but I think Nordstrom is doing its job for you :) You look awesome.That hat/shirt combo is gorgeous!

  6. I feel you on the loss. I used to travel just to shop in Filene's. I'm especially missing 'em this time of year because the Filene's dress collection was the best. I've grown quite fond of Nordstrom Rack too though.

    I absolutely love this glamorous look...head to toe!

  7. Lovely absolutely lovely!!!! The gorgeous old time glamour that is definitely modern floats my boat =)

  8. I'm lovin it all! U know I'm a floppy hat lover and you're killin it here <3


  9. Loving the floppy hat and the print top very cute!

  10. I absolutely understand what you're going through I absolutely loved Filene's I used to got there once or twice a week..they had amazing things at great prices still can't believe they closed down the hat is a great purchase because it looks good on you & I'm loving the top!

  11. Perfect outfit and the hat is AWESOME!!

    Awesome pictures :) thanks for sharing!

    Nice blog! New follower :)


  12. Cute top, I hate that Filene's closed. I felt that way when the Dillard's Clearance Center closed down, I use to go in there every week and I found some amazing stuff. I was so hoping they would get a Filene's in my city. So much for that. I use to shop at the one in NYC in the 80's so that store has been around for a longgg time. Well, you're find some good deals at NR.

  13. Great outfit! I know I always tell you this,but hats look so amazing on you. that top is so cute. I love Nordstrom Rack too:-)

  14. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
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  15. omg i feel your pain after the closing of filene's...I used to go all the time in chicago on my lunch break and then in union square in my new york. Tear. A nordstrom rack did move in in its place so I guess it will suffice.


  16. That blouse is beautiful! I love it so much! You look so pretty in these pictures. Girl I love me some Nordies Rack too! lol Kiah

  17. Thanks everyone, appreciate it.


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