Friday, December 16, 2011

My Current Home Inspiration

On my computer I have so many images that inspire me for the home.  So here are some pictures from around the blog world; Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Ikea Hackers and wherever else, that I'd like to use in some way in my apartment.

I love this color palette for my living room.  I have a deep purple couch and I'm looking to add some other pops of color (the yellow and magenta).

I have a blank canvas that I'm not currently using and wrapping some delicate trim around it would be so pretty.  Simple right?

I'd love to have extra shelving like this to put in my kitchen area for plates, bowls, and cool pottery to display.

I love everything about this photo, mainly the furniture arrangement.  

I love this idea of built in shelving to create an entryway.  This is a more ambitious idea for my place since I'm renting, but a girl can dream about it.

I'm obsessed with any decor styling people do with the Ikea Expedit's.  I love that they placed two different sizes side by side for more storage and tabletop display.  My electronics take up most of the space on mine and I'd really like to be able to have a lamp and some other nicer things on the top.

Love this photo.  After recently acquiring more hats, I positioned about four of them going down the wall just like this picture.

And here is what I'd love for my bedroom to look like.  It's dark, but it's so rich, warm, and cozy.  I'll get there soon, promise.

What's inspiring you lately in home decor?


  1. I am in LOVE with the first two pictures! They are great. I'm inspired by them as well. And thanks for sharing, I've never heard of Ikea hackers. I will be checking this out on a regular now.

    7eventh Letter

  2. I love all of theses looks! Erika

  3. love the pics; especially the burnt orange room. my bedroom is that color. that hat wall is you! it will look great with your collection :-)


  4. OH my love that last pic!
    I too have a couple inspiration folders on my computer.

  5. i love the hat idea. way to go for actually doing it. i've been wanting to hang my hats for a while. i need to just do it!

  6. p.s. love these images...great decor choices! 3-4 are my faves

  7. I love Zara Home!

  8. Great images! Epedit was just on sale at IKEA. I grabbed a few pieces of the collection and I am soo happy I did. Very versatile.

  9. These pictures are certainly inspiring. I'm always scouting blogs and the magazines for home decor inspiration. I'm slowly getting into pinterest now too.


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