Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Home - Bedroom

Some of you may remember what my bedroom was like before I moved. 
In my new apartment I kept the same theme and pieces, but scaled down a few things to accommodate a smaller space.

Curtains from Target and Anna's Linens.  Rug is from World Market.  Floor lamp and curtain rod from Ikea.  Duvet cover set is from Marshall's.

I found it a bit challenging to have such a small closet, but everything does fit.
This size closet forces me to constantly re-evaluate my wardrobe and shopping habits, making certain that I only have items that I absolutely love in there. 

The basket on the left holds clutches. 

I installed these small wall shelves from Target to display the tea cups I bought in Japan.

Paper lantern from CB2.

This purse is another purchase from Japan. 

Vase from Target.  Custom DIY Art - I bought a damaged blank canvas and covered it with fabric both on clearance at JoAnn's.

  Shelf is from Target that holds my jewelry in bins, sunglasses, a few books, poetry binders, and other odds and ends.  Platform bed and dresser from Dania Furniture.

Mirrors and chair from Ikea.  Cushion covers from CB2.

Scarves (love this multi-use hanger from Ikea) and belts hang on the back of the door.

My bedroom is very small, but it's cozy and comfortable and has everything I need.

Stay tuned for the rest of my home tour...
(See the Living room here)


  1. Makes me feel right at home... so cozy!!! :D

  2. It's nice and cozy. I like it!

  3. Very cute! I have thought using material to make a pseudo headboard.

  4. NICE!!! I love your bedroom, very cute and cozy ... and quaint. LOVE the idea of having a basket for clutches. And great way to store your belts!!

  5. What a cute and cozy bedroom. Love how you used the space! You have great taste Diva! I LOVE it!

  6. I could really relax, relate and release in there! everything seems to bring out good energy.

  7. It's gorgeous! So warm and inviting.

  8. Love it. It's what I like...modern zen feeling!

  9. beautiful, love how warm and spacious it looks.

  10. Just right for you Candice...I like it.


  11. oh awesome decoration!! I love the colours around the bed area :)

  12. great job...very eclectic...i see you 100%

  13. We are like design twins. I have those little mirrors from ikea in my bedroom too. They're over my bed.

    Love your space.

  14. you did an excellent job! i love the soft colors and the DIY art. i need to try that. art is soooo expensive.

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  15. Ah! Your room is so clean and neat and organized! I'm looking around my own bedroom right now and seething with envy...

  16. Very cool! Based on what I see of you from your blog, its very fitting ;) Real good look!

  17. Love the decorations!



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