Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coral & Floral

Spring has arrived, and it's time for florals and color galore! So let's get to it.

I love the tan I got while I was in Mexico. I took these pictures with no makeup to show how golden delicious I am now.

Cardigan - Filene's Basement
Slacks - The Limited
Top - Conway NY
Beads - Walmart
Wooden Ring - Macy's
Green Stone Ring - TJ Maxx
Kelly & Katie Boots - DSW

Happy Spring!


  1. You look as though you have a glow about you! That must've been some trip ;)

    I love that top. Very pretty. I'm so happy it's spring. I'm going to really try and wear color. You are my inspiration girl!

  2. love the tan! looks like you came back refreshed.

    oh and give me that necklace!!!

  3. That necklace is the ish, now i'm feeling like rushing to walmart to go get me one :)

  4. That tan is rockin. I can't wait to get that sunkissed look this summer.

  5. lovley tan!! That coral (color) is poppin on you!

  6. I love love love that necklace...ohh its awesome and the rings and top too. Yay Spring is finally here..although its supposed to snow in NYC tomorrow :-/

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. Loving the floral and coral..you look great!! What a great combination.

    Diary of a Chic Mommy

  8. Wow. I totally see the golden delicious tan! That top from Conway is delicious too. Gorgeous spring look!

  9. Darn it! Those beads says come & get me and they are only at WalMart. Great find! And yes I am loving that tan - caramel dipped. :)

  10. gorgeous outfit! the rings are delicious!

  11. This is a nice look to transition into Spring with, a nice pop of color with the top....gets you prep for brighter colors. Xtra cute!


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