Friday, February 18, 2011

So High

There is something so dramatic about high collar coats and jackets that puts an extra pep in my step. I added the belt to give it more shape and style, but without a belt it is fine too. Normally for our casual Friday's I wear jeans, but this is a nice switch up from that with the denim trench.

Harem Pants - Forever 21
Madden Girl Boots - Filene's Basement
Jacket - Filene's Basement
Obi Belt - The Limited
Fur Vest - Estate Sale

Warmer weather bonus: The sleeves can be rolled up and snapped in place to elbow length.

Have a fab and stylish weekend!


  1. that jacket is so amazing - it looks beautiful on you! perfect fashionista spin on a casual friday!

  2. looks great with the fauz fur gilet ontop, you look really amazing - totally agree about the neckline making it look more dramatic :) x

  3. Aaaw, that's so beautiful!!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  4. What an awesome jacket! And you've just given me an idea on how to wear my obi belt I just bought last weekend. I got like 3 of them from this store called Know Style for $7/belt. I also just bought some cropped harem pants from Forever 21. Girl we are going to have to go shopping together! lol

    Cute cute outfit.

  5. Love your look! The shirt is super pretty, and the belt goes with it perfectly! You have great style :)

    VPV Intern

  6. Great look! You have a great weekend as well ;)

  7. Love this look. You look very nice. The faux fur gilet is so stylish. I love this trend. I hope it last a long time.

  8. that jacket is great! and it looks so good on you. nicely done!

  9. Very cute, I like the fur vest and denim combination!

  10. Love the denim! It's hot! Great blog, now following you!

  11. i'm loving what you've done here. is that jacket denim? i'm 1/2 blind :( anyway, i enjoy a popped collar too. sometimes i think am i doing too much, but 9 times out of 10 i leave it popped :)

  12. Thanks evryone.
    SC - Yep it's a denim trench jacket.


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