Wednesday, February 2, 2011

See Your True Color

Since I'm stuck inside with 20 inches of snow outside, I thought I'd try to have happy thoughts of Spring. I've already decided I want lots of color, bold or pastel, doesn't matter. More on my Spring wishlist later.

I first saw this layered blouse in a charcoal grey, but when I turned the corner I saw it in this pretty yellow green color and in royal blue. Since I recently bought a royal blue dress, I thought this was the better choice.

Blouse - Marshall's
Jeans - Old Navy
Pumps - Nine West
Earrings & Necklace - Jenny Dayco
Lipstick - Fresh Moroccan by Mac
Wood Ring - Macy's

Still loving my suede purple pumps and I think they go great with the color of the blouse.

If you are affected by the snow, stay safe and inside if you can!


  1. love this outfit. the yellow with the purple and the leaf accessories...FAB! We don't have snow anymore (Thank God) but im still ready for spring!


  2. 20 inches of snow?!? YUCK! :( BUT this outfit is SO FAB!! LOVE the combo of the bright colors. That blouse is gorgeous! Here's hoping for an early spring!

  3. So cute. The color of that top does look good with those fabulous shoes. I love your lipstick too.

  4. YAY! Thanks for mentioning my jewelry!! :) xoxo, Jenny

  5. that top is awesome i really love that color! i have one similar.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. Really like the color of that top!

    Hey how much snow did you get in Chicago? I heard it was bad up there.

  7. I love that top. The color is so pretty! and it pairs back to those purple pumps beautiful. I see you're channeling spring! I feel you on that.

  8. love it, I like how the top and shoes contrast yet look great together.

  9. Nice outfit . I really like the color of your top !

  10. look the colour of the shirt!xxx

  11. I need that color top and shoes in my life!

  12. LOOVE that green! Super cute look! ;)

  13. That's one of my favorite colors, I love apple green, its such an amazing pop color. Girl, go ahead and be happy, love the look! I can't wait for warmer weather myself.

  14. that top is just beautiful xoxo

  15. really love the combo of the top and the shoes, great choice. stay warm.


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