Friday, November 26, 2010

My Favorite Things - My Purses

Here are 10 of my favorite handbags/purses/clutches:

Zipper Bag - Eva Black

Abstract Floral Bag - Random store in Japan market

Rhinestone & Chain Mini Bag - Sam Moon Center

Taupe Chain Strap Bag - Aldo

Leather Green Purse - Unique Thrift Store

Blue Leather Clutch - Unique Thrift Store

Cream & Black Patent Clutch - Aldo

Brown Leather Satchel - Random Wisconsin Dells store

Grey Shearling Trim Bag - Ace International Trading Accessory Store

Leopard Bag - Aldo

Guess I really love Aldo's bags. Even though I don't wear the shoes (they don't carry half sizes), I always find affordable bags in there that I like.


  1. I agree! Aldo always has really cute bags for affordable prices!!! :)


  2. Ummmmm yea.....I need bags number 4, 7, and 9.....seriously. Message me so I can get you my address so you can overnight those to me. I will pay for the shipping...seriously....Thanks

    ~Kee of Coy Misconception~

  3. Great collection and very versatile. You got a handbag for every occasion, that's how you work that out! I love having tons of purses so I can have endless options! ;-)

  4. I love Aldo bags too..these are great!!

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  5. Sing, I just wanted to stop by to show your blog some love. Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on our blog. We really appreciate that.

    Now, back to business. I need you to send me that taupe Aldo bag PLEASE! LOL. I'm not even a bag lover (shoes are my thing), but I really like that one.


  6. Lovely bags, especially that shearling one and the green, please don't mind me if I do a favorite bag post one day soon!


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