Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's A Wrap

I love scarves in various fabrics, textures, and lengths and not just for the practical purpose of being warm. A scarf spices up even the most basic outfit of jeans and a tee. Playing with the way scarves are draped adds even more interest. Here are some inspiration photos as well as how I've rocked some of my own scarves.

Wear it snug and bold

Wrap it once and let it hang

Wear it loose and long

What is your favorite way to wear scarves?


  1. i love the chunky funky scarves but i seem to have more of the long thin scarves in my closet.

    and i love that red blazer you have on.

    What i Wore

  2. I am the scarf queen. I have to remind myself not to wrap my neck too tight in the summer.

  3. I like your blazer!
    For me the best way, is a loon lon scarve with a belt; that´s amazing!!!

    see you!!


  4. I love the blazer! Seriously! I want it!

    I am heavily into wearing scarves. I am one of those people who have to have something around their neck everytime I leave the house whether its a piece of jewelry or a scarf.

    For more interesting, colorful, original, and super soft scarves, check out my product line of circle scarves at

    Kee of Coy Misconception

  5. So many to play around as you do.


  6. i love wearing scarves - i try to change it up so i guess i like all the ways!

  7. hey!
    grand post,
    how i wear mine kind of depends on the outfit im wearing,
    sometimes it looks better different ways to me.


  8. Great post, scarf are so versatile. I like the extra large ones you can turn into skirts or tops.

  9. I am really getting into scarves too! I really like the classic silk scarf and the way French ladies wear them...tres chic!!

  10. I'm loving scarfs too! In the mornings I do a knot, in the afternoons its a cute wraps just depends. Right now i'm just wearing one hanging around me neck

  11. I love these examples of ways to wear scarves :) Your blog is lovely! :)


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