Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High Regard

The diversity of my blog roll reflects my appreciation for various styles that are not necessarily my own. So naturally there are many home interior styles that I'm drawn to that I've never tried in my home as well as many fashion styles that I admire that I don't really rock.

Home interiors I admire:

Hollywood Regency (via HGTV)

Shappy Chic (via Life In The Fun Lane)

Mid Century Modern (via HGTV)

Avant Garde (via Avant Garde Design blog)

Fashion styles that I also admire:

Glam (via Wayne Tippetts)

Modern Hippie

Risk Taker (via Essence.com)


Sorry, can't remember where I saved a couple of these photos from.

Are there any home or fashion styles that you admire that you don't presently have/rock?


  1. Ooh, this is great! I love all styles as well! I wish I were more adventurous in my outfits like I am in my rooms. ; )

  2. I would decorate my bedroom just like the avant garde room if I could. Sadly, my place has a rustic kind of feel that doesn't mesh with how I really want it look.

  3. i admire the avant garde home interior style but there's no way i can have all that white in my house. it is beautiful tho.

    i admire the glam style. I have a few events a year where i can glam it up but this style just would work for my life now. bt it is beautiful.

    What I wore

  4. Ciao, I agree with your sentence "It's not just fashion, it's style." You'r right.

    kisses from Italy


  5. i am a mid cent girl..love it a bit to much..but only for certain spacees.

  6. Great Inspirational post!!


  7. I think i would really love to try the whole vintage look but i dont really own any items from that era...

    Check out my blog, follow if ya like :-)


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