Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before the Blog

Styling and playing with various accessories has always been fun for me. So long before I started Sing'ature Style I was taking photos of my outfits. Here are a few of my favorite looks from my photo shoot archives. Hope you enjoy.
Old Navy Skinny Jeans styled for summer and winter, a true favorite of mine. And I love knit beret's, I have them in several colors.
This is the same Gap black tube top dress also styled for summer and winter.
A couple men's inspired outfits.
The "jacket" on the right is actually a robe I thought was too pretty to just wear around the house in.
I'm wearing that Gap dress again (guess I really got my money's worth out of it).
As you can see, my neutral/nude Banana Republic platform pumps pretty much go with everything, and at less than $20 I'm very pleased.

Be on the look out for a post on some outfits that didn't make the blog cut as well as a "Playing Dress Up" new feature!


  1. Love the blk & wht with that splash of yellow headband. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


  2. A lot of these were freaking awesome man! Keep doing ya thing Ms. Sing!!!! Work it! Work it!

    Kee of Coy Misconception

  3. I really like a lot of your outfits here. I need to look for some more hats and hair accessories.

  4. i have the pink and brown purse too;-)

  5. banana republic pomps for under $20???? Say what? That is the deal of the year!

    and of course fabulous outfits!

    My latest post: When seasons change

  6. Love the high wasted jean skirts. Ultra cute!


  7. Mini is looking for a beret...nice.

  8. Cute pics! Playing dressup is one of my favorite Saturday morning activities. I really like the "raspberry beret" and that denim skirt!


  9. I am loving your style! And I just adore how fearless you are, especially with accessorizing! I think my fave look is the last one with that adorable denim skirt, lovely top and those pumps! LOve it!

  10. totally love all of your great outfits!


  11. CUUUUTTTTEEEE! You were taking pics in preparation for your blog!

  12. As RuPaul would say... YOU BETTER WEEERK! I love all of these looks. Matter of fact, I was just looking for a men's vest the other day at a thrift store but couldn't find it. You're doing the men's inspired look(s) justice. BOOM!

  13. you dressed really nice....


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