Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Lounging

Sometimes my mood calls for a more relaxed look, an entire outfit that is loose fitting on the body.

These Harem Pants are like wearing PJ's outside, so very comfortable and versatile. You've seen them previously here a little more dressed up.

Harem Pants & Cardigan - Forever 21
Guess Wedges - Filene's Basement
Grey Tee - Urban Outfitters
Owl Necklace - Nabi
Shades - Nordstrom


  1. Absolutely ~LOVE~ your outfit and especially the Black Harem Pants! I love the Forever 21 store!


  2. I love a lounge outfit that can do outside duty.

  3. cute shoes!!! I wish there was a filine's basement in Cali near me, sounds like a great store of shoes scores :)

  4. Another great look. Do you live in NY or Atlanta? I see you like to shop at Filine's Basement. I use to shop in the one in NY when I lived out there a long time ago. I loved that store and it's definitely one of the better stores I miss when I moved South. Filiene's and Century 21.

  5. Thanks Ladies.
    @ Budget Chic - I live in Chicago and Filene's is right next to my job, so quick and easy to go there on lunch or after.
    I wish there were a Century 21 here..

  6. Forever 21 has harem pants? I want a pair...I'm heading to their site right now...


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